ROCKWOOL Safe n Silent Pro
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ROCKWOOL Safe ‘n’ Silent Pro

ROCKWOOL Safe ‘n’ Silent Pro is nature-based insulation made of volcanic stone, a safe and sustainable material that continues to perform and lasts throughout the lifetime of the building. It is designed and manufactured to achieve excellent acoustic insulation performance in all types of drywall partition configurations. 

Product Name Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)
Safe 'n' Silent Pro330 50 600 1200
Safe 'n' Silent Pro370 50 600 1200
  • Melting Point : >1000°C
  • Reaction to fire : Non-combustible /A1 Fire Classification
  • Thermal conductivity : 20oC λ Value (W/mK) / 0.034 - 0.036
  • Sound absorption coefficient : 50mm (NRC) / 0.9 - 1.0
  • Water absorption : Partial immersion / 0.5kg/m2 - 1.0kg/m2

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